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FBI Director's Community Leadership Award

Congratulations to our very own Nicole Banks, the inspiring Founder and President of Starfish Assignment, on receiving the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigation Director's Community Leadership Award! Established in 1990, this national accolade honors individuals who significantly contribute to community safety through education and crime prevention. This award is a testament to Nicole's tireless efforts in making a difference in the community.

FBI Director Christopher Wray beautifully said, "Our success as both a law enforcement and an intelligence agency hinges on our ability to foster and maintain genuine partnerships with people and communities...They do it out of kindness and compassion with a sincere belief that justice—in its many forms—requires all of us to do the right thing in the right way."

Nicole's response to this honor was equally moving, "Receiving this award from Director Wray is not only an honor for Starfish Assignment, but it also affirms our dedication to fostering strong, positive relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve…This recognition fuels our commitment to continue our work of bridging gaps, helping others through law enforcement officers, and strengthening bonds.”

Nicole, alongside Starfish leaders Yee Hang, Chris Lieb, Jessica Maxwell-Certain, Tim Myers, and Jamie Wright, traveled to FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. for the award ceremony this past Friday. This event celebrates Nicole’s leadership, the dedication of the officers, deputies, agents, and volunteers who work with us, and the positive work of Starfish Assignment.

Join us in congratulating Nicole! Her dedication and service to our community is truly inspiring. Thank you, Nicole, for your unwavering commitment and passion.


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