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In the News

In the less-than two years since Starfish was established, we've been fortunate to be featured on every news station in Columbus. We've also been mentioned in The New York Times​, and had an in-depth article written about us in our founder's hometown newspaper, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette​. (She was particularly proud of this because she worked there before and after her time in the Marine Corps.)

Our messages are always about helping others, spreading positivity, or educating the public about policing (or all three), and we're happy that the media is so receptive to these. If you'd like to see the stories we've been involved in, they're all available on the updated "In the News" section of our website:

We've included a few here so you can take a walk down memory lane with us:

On February 24, 2020, due to the alarming rate of law enforcement suicides--officers are far more likely to die at their own hand than in the line of duty--our president, Nicole Banks, was asked by NBC4 to speak about what we can do to show officers that we appreciate them.


On July 26, 2019 Bryant Somerville of 10TV told the story of CPD officer, and Starfish board member, Pete Casuccio, and barber, Rob Cayson, who at one time was on a very different side of the law than his friend Pete. Now, however, they work together to get kids ready for school while helping them see the positive side of policing through Cops & Barbers.


This one is a tear-jerker in the best possible way. Enjoy as Bryant Somerville from 10TV tells the story of how CPD Ofc James Poole partnered with Starfish to give Shaunea Butler and her daughter, Nakeyah, a car and a home just in time for Christmas 2019.


When Starfish volunteer Jim Stewart went on a ride along with Columbus Division of Police Officer, and Starfish Board Member, Pete Casuccio, he had no idea what was in store for him. One of the things he saw: a very caring police officer lecture two boys about the dangers of brandishing realistic-looking BB guns, ended up making international headlines, thanks to a tiny tweet from Starfish Assignment. This article in the New York Times tells Ofc Casuccio's story and mention's Starfish's involvement.


August 7, 2018: In what will always be the first story ever written about us, journalist Kevin Stankiewicz details in the Columbus Dispatch how Nicole Banks joined with hundreds of other people to help Jim Stewart out of homelessness, then channeled that into the founding of Starfish Assignment. We love this story and will always be grateful to Kevin for the care and compassion he showed in writing it.


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