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Police Week 2021

Today kicks off #PoliceWeek 2021. We thought we'd let Starfish supporters help write our entry this year, so we went through all our Facebook comments since last year's Police Week and pulled out some that we thought would make officers smile. Then we put them on photos of some of the events we got to organize or participate in over the past year so that we could ALL smile.

Yes, it's been a tough time. But here in Central Ohio, we're blessed to have amazing officers, citizens, and businesses who genuinely care and want to make a difference. As an organization, we would not exist without officers bringing us needs to fill and people to help. It's only one small way that officers make a difference in our lives and in the lives of the people they touch.

In a year that's encompassed a variety of challenges for both our country and our city, Starfish has grown from partnering with Columbus Division of Police to also working with Franklin Township Police Department, the officers at John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Dublin Police Department, Pickerington Police, Hilliard Division of Police, The Ohio State University Police, and Marion Police Department. These departments all put energy and effort into working with us--we're small and have no paid staff--because they want to help the communities they serve. We're so grateful to all of them for choosing to work with us.

We join the people whose comments are on these photos, and many who we didn't include, in saying thank you.


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