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Spring Blessing Bags

Thanks to the hardworking volunteers of Sahara Columbus, officers from Columbus Division of Police were able to give 50 blessing bags filled with food to people in need all over the city. Sahara-Columbus also provided 100 kids' treat bags, some of which contained popcorn, some that contained hot chocolate, and all contained goodies sure to thrill kiddos.

A dad whose kids received the bags while he was at work in the evening called us the next morning to thank us. He said he didn't even get a chance to lay eyes on them--his uncle had let his boys eat all the treats before he got home. We know those kids enjoyed that!

CPD Lieutenant Chris Lieb and Starfish President/Founder Nicole Banks delivered bags to an area where there had recently been an incident that the neighborhood was still shaken up about. One of the families there who received a bag was from Afghanistan. They were very warm and welcoming.

The father said he had worked as a tailor for the U.S. Army. When Nicole told him she'd been in the Marine Corps, he lifted his shirt to expose his arms and stomach, showing her scars. He pointed at them saying, "Taliban. Taliban."

We are very grateful to be able to meet amazing people like this father who escaped the Taliban with his family, grateful to Sahara-Columbus for giving us these opportunities, and grateful to CPD and other law enforcement officers for keeping us safe. Thank you.


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