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Trunk or Treat

Part two of our fun and busy day yesterday was the trunk or treat event sponsored by FOP Capital City Lodge #9 and Markel Bridging The Gap. This is the third year for the event, and we know it's a big one, so we were ready for the kiddos. Thanks to Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Sean Blood telling us what a huge hit the Halloween slap bracelets had been at the Lazelle Woods trunk or treat, we ordered *just* enough for every child to get one. Oh, and a few adults snatched them up as well, because they brought back fond memories of their youth.

Deputy Chief Tim Becker, Commander Jeff Lokai, and Lieutenant Chris Lieb handed the bracelets out, offering to put them on if they'd like. Almost always, the answer was yes, and kids who had never seen them before were amazed that a straight, hard object could wrap around their wrists and become a bracelet. They were such a hit!

Not only did we have fun passing out bracelets, but we got to see all sorts of friends. Multiple units from CPD were represented, and we saw a bunch of our other partner agencies, including Franklin Township Police Department, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Hilliard Division of Police, The Ohio State University Police Division, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority at John Glenn Columbus International Airport, and Grove City Ohio Police.

A gorgeous day, and everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the volunteers, organizers, and participants who made this such a wonderful experience. We know how hard these things are to do, and you did a spectacular job bringing joy to so many people. Thank you also to our donors for enabling us to do these types of events. So many people were thrilled because of your contributions.


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