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Assignment: Brake Repair For a Single Dad

REFERRING OFFICER: Ofc Daniel Snyder, 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus)

ASSIGNMENT: Help a hardworking single father of three get his brakes repaired.

Columbus Division of Police​ Officer Daniel Snyder contacted us late this afternoon, hoping we can doing something for Tom, a hardworking single father of three. In his email to us, Ofc Snyder explains, "Tom makes too much for government assistance but not enough to keep his head above water. The most recent and devastating blow has been that the brakes on his car, which were severely neglected have finally gone completely out. Tom is trying everything he can to get scrap parts from junkyards and save every penny he can to get the car fixed so he can go to work... He has burned through his vacation time, using it to take the first hour of his shift off every day so he can take his children to school and ride the bus in. This vacation time is running out, and come Monday, he will be in big trouble with his job."

Tom has a 2006 Hyndai Sonata that needs extensive brake work. The back brakes are out, and the front brakes have seized up and are leaking brake fluid. The estimate to fix them is $700. We are in need of cash donations to cover parts and labor for this. If anyone knows a mechanic who would be willing to do the work on Tom's car for the cost of parts, please message us and we'll put you in contact with Tom. If you don't know a mechanic, please consider sharing this entry. Maybe your friends know someone who would be able to help.

These are the type of events that can derail someone's life. With Tom out of vacation time and unable to get his kids safely to school--he lives in the Hilltop--and then to work, he stands a real chance of losing his job. Please help us get these brakes fixed.

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