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A Home

THIRD ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: You may recall we were asked to provide car insurance for a homeless woman and her 10-year-old daughter after an officer was able to obtain a donated car for her from Lindsay Honda​. Yesterday, we updated you her about her housing status. Today, we moved her into her new apartment!

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police​ Community Liaison Officer James Poole (20 Precinct, Southeast Side)

After three months in the homeless shelter, Shaunea and Nakeyah will be sleeping in their own home tonight.

There was a slight hiccup yesterday when Shaunea was informed that she was required to have renter's insurance. Ofcs Poole and Eddie Wright (14 Pct, East Side) decided to split the cost and effortlessly obtained a policy through Wright/Dolbow Insurance​. Crisis averted.

Ofc Poole met with Ofc Frank Golden (628 Freeway Patrol) and his wife, Vickie, son Dalton, and daughter, Frankie. They were joined by Ofcs Dan Snyder, Curtis Hale (and his daughter), and Adam Saddler (11 Precinct, South Central Columbus); Community Liaison Officer Alecia Zacher (5 Precinct, South Linden); and Ofc Scott Pelfry (16 Precinct, Central Columbus). Also helping were Shaunea (before she had to head off to her delivery job) and Norbert Tate, Principal, of Eastland Performance Academy​, Columbus City Schools​.

Mr. Tate was the person who informed Ofc Poole of Nakeyah's situation when Ofc Poole expressed concerns about her. He told us today that the school itself became aware that she was living in a shelter when she arrived at school in slippers one day. Someone had stolen her shoes during the night. They immediately went out and purchased her a new pair. (And he was obviously so happy and motivated to get her out of there that he gave up his Saturday to help move her into an apartment. So touching. ❤️)

Our president, Nicole Banks, and her son, Rohan, arrived after a Starfish event in the morning and took over the organizing responsibilities from Ofc Zacher while Ofc Poole and Mr. Tate moved a stackable washer and dryer that the Golden family donated, in addition to an entire household of furniture and household items (!!).

Ofc Poole, Nicole, and Rohan then headed to Walmart to buy the various things necessary when one moves into an apartment. (Rohan helped start a list and did a great job with it.)

Starfish supporter, Christine Ferguson, custom made a lovely wreath for Shaunea's front door and dropped it off at Nicole's house early this morning. We initially hung it on the outside of the door, but it's so beautiful that Ofc Zacher and Nicole decided to put it on the inside so Shaunea and Nakeyah could see it all the time. (It even lights up!)

Shaunea had to work late, so we didn't get to see their reaction to their beautiful new apartment. But imagine how nice it's going to be for them to crawl into those soft beds and those lovely sheets tonight. To lay their heads on those soft pillows. To wake up tomorrow morning and not have to get up and leave--because remember the homeless shelter makes them leave every day. This is their HOME. You helped make this happen. This is what happens when the community joins together with their police officers when they identify people who need help. Thank you for making this a reality. We could NOT have done this without you.

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