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Assignment: Bikes For a Happy Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we are thrilled to share a story of generosity and dedication from the officers of Columbus Division of Police's 3 Precinct (Clintonville).

This year, officers from the precinct have come together to adopt a local family, ensuring their Christmas is filled with joy and laughter. With three children in the family, ages 5, 6, and 15, the officers are pooling their resources to bring smiles and warmth to their holiday season.

The shift's sergeant, Kolin Straub, and two officers, Charles Naples and Justin Sidle-Wallace, asked if we had any bikes left from our summer Bikes & Badges event. We did not, but our amazing donors had our back! Thanks to your continuous support of our general fund, we were able to go shopping with Officers Naples and Sidle-Wallace to purchase brand new bikes for the children.

The officers were so excited when they learned their own shift's contributions would now stretch even further, and we assured them that we'd assist with any additional needs beyond their budget. Alongside the bikes, we picked out helmets, locks, and a pump – ensuring a safe and fun riding experience.

The kindness of these officers is about more than just gifts; it's a testament to the strong bond between Columbus's officers and the community they serve. It's about making a difference, one family at a time, and believe us, this isn't the only shift of officers who are doing this.

We're honored to partner with the CPD in this endeavor, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every officer and donor who made this possible. Your generosity is the true spirit of the holiday season.


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