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Assignment: Help Two Wedgewood Families

We got to work with Columbus Division of Police Officer Antionette Hysell to help two families in Wedgewood Apartments last month, and our partners at Furniture Bank of Central Ohio played a crucial role.

Officer Hysell first came to us about a mom whose children didn't have beds and was going to forgo Christmas because she was saving to get furniture for them. They also needed things like towels and dishes, which we purchased from our general fund thanks to Starfish donors.

While we were contacting our friends at the Furniture Bank, Officer Hysell met a mom and her 16-year-old son who had just moved into Wedgewood after living in a homeless shelter for months. They had nothing and were sleeping on the floor, but were grateful to be in their own home.

We gave Officer Hysell some of the Kroger gift cards our sponsors Byers Auto Group, CME Federal Credit Union, The Cooper Family Foundation, and Ross Wealth Advisors donated to give to the family. We also authorized an emergency purchase of $500 of items for their home from our general fund.

On to the Furniture Bank, who worked with Officer Hysell and both families to get their furniture delivered the Thursday before Christmas. They also donated both the furniture and their delivery services! We love partnering with them. Please donate any used furniture you have to them.

Thank you to everyone who made these Christmas Assignments possible--Officer Hysell who worked very hard on it, the Furniture Bank, and our Starfish donors. We appreciate all of you!


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