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Books & Badges: Valleyview New Life Church

Columbus Division of Police Chief Mike Woods spent time at Valleyview New Life Church today, reading to the kiddos participating in their Spring Break program. He read his favorite story, one his parents read to him as a child, Horton Hatches the Egg.

We're sad that the Chief will be retiring soon, but we're thrilled that he's fitting in some Books & Badges readings before he does, and so were the kids. Today, in addition to the reading, they learned what's on a police officer's duty belt, that Chief Woods's favorite donut is Boston creme, and about a time that then-Sergeant Woods sprayed then-Sergeant Becker right in the face with pepper spray. (They had been chasing a man that now-Deputy Chief Becker was putting handcuffs on. Chief Woods laughed and said he'd just been waiting for an opportunity to pepper spray DC Becker and thought that was it.)


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