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Clintonville Christmas Update

In our December 20 post, we promised to update you about the special gifts for the children from Clintonville.

You may remember that Columbus Division of Police Officers Naples and Sidle-Wallace worked with their fellow officers from Precinct to play a crucial role in orchestrating a holiday surprise. Not only did the small children receive bikes and their big brother a TV at the substation, but the officers lovingly prepared gifts, including toys, clothing, and boots, and gave them to mom and grandad to be part of their holiday celebrations. (The officers even wrapped them for them! )

For their big brother, who loves sports, equipment was included to support his passion. We also found a three-pound Hershey's bar that we could hardly believe ourselves--imagine how the kids must have felt! Don't worry, though, Hart Dental Group generously provided dental care kits for each family member.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for Byers Airport Subaru, The Cooper Family Foundation, CME Federal Credit Union, Hart Dental Group, our individual Starfish supporters, and the dedicated officers who brought this magic to life. Your kindness brought joy and created unforgettable holiday memories for many people.

Thank you for making this holiday season one to remember. We're deeply grateful to everyone who played a part in spreading this happiness!


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