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Help For a Domestic Violence Victim

Recently, we received a call from our friend, Columbus Division of Police Officer Cory McCool. Some of you may remember that we partnered with Officer McCool last year during his time on Zone 1 Safe Streets. Unfortunately, our delight at hearing from him again turned to concern as he sought our assistance for a victim of domestic violence.

He reached out about a woman with no local family or friends, trapped in an abusive situation. Despite her determination to break free, Officer McCool feared she might return to her abuser. After speaking with him at length, we decided that providing a stay in a hotel could afford her the time and space needed to plan her next steps. We also shared with him the resources available at Since she's not familiar with Columbus, it would be an excellent site for her to see all the help that is waiting for her.

Our heartfelt thanks to the businesses and individuals who generously contribute to our general fund. Your support allows us to respond promptly in critical situations such as this. The impact you make is enormous, extending to those in need and the officers striving to help them. Thank you for making a difference.


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