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Introducing Starfish Connect

Our new initiative, Starfish Connect, kicked off today with a fantastic event at Sullivant Gardens Community Center!

Children had a blast meeting Columbus Division of Police therapy dog Maverick, exploring patrol cars, and talking to Starfish leaders and friends from CPD and the FBI - Cincinnati.

But Starfish Connect is more than just fun. It's a year-long program dedicated to:

  • Building trust and respect: We're fostering positive connections between youth, law enforcement, and community figures, working together for a brighter future.

  • Exploring careers: Through interactive demonstrations, field trips, and conversations, children can discover diverse professions and their impact on society.

  • Enriching lives: Support from our amazing partners strengthens programs, directly benefiting not just the children who participate, but the volunteers as well.

This is just the beginning! We're excited to expand Starfish Connect to additional locations in the coming months. Even as we dedicate time and resources to Sullivant Gardens, we're working with the Licking County Sheriff's Office and the Newark Boys & Girls Club to kick off their program in April, and more Columbus opportunities are already in the works.

If you want to get involved, please email us at and don't forget to stay connected with us via social media for more updates! Please join us in building a stronger, more connected community!


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