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Merry Christmas!

Today, as we celebrate Christmas, we're honored to share with you another collaboration with Columbus Division of Police. A huge shout out to Sergeant Shawn Fuqua, Officer Amanda Hoover, and CRT2 for their efforts that made this possible.

With the generosity of a wonderful donor who wanted to help people on the South Side, we partnered with these dedicated officers to bring festive cheer to six South Side families and a teenager Sgt Fuqua mentors.

Our journey started at Walmart Dublin - Britton Pkwy, where something extraordinary happened. As we picked out toys, bikes, and sporting goods, kind-hearted shoppers approached us, eager to contribute. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to add even more special touches for these very deserving families.

Later, when we realized we'd forgotten a few items, we made a quick run to the Walmart on South Side. That brought another surprise – a generous gentleman donated $50 to our efforts!

Every child's wish was fulfilled. From a sewing machine for a creative little girl to unicorn-themed items, science kits, sporting goods, and a much-desired video game. It was a true Christmas miracle thinking of how excited they would be, seeing their dreams come true.

This Christmas, we're not just celebrating the festive season; we're celebrating the spirit of community, giving, and the smiles of countless children. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in this magical journey–-our officers, the donor, the kind strangers, the Walmart team, and our volunteers.

We hope that today brings you as much happiness as you have helped us deliver. Merry Christmas to all, and may your day be filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.


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