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Milo-Grogan Field Day

The sun was shining, laughter filled the air, and a sense of community was everywhere as we celebrated our Field Day event at the Milo-Grogan Community Center's summer camp program today.

The campers were thrilled to meet and interact with members of the Columbus Division of Police, the Cincinnati Division of the FBI, and the Gahanna Division of Police. These amazing professionals opened up about their daily roles, sharing exciting stories and fun facts. CPD Officer Shawn Lutz had everyone in awe as he mentioned an unforgettable time he had to string six sets of handcuffs together for one very large gentleman!

Lunch was a hit with delicious pizzas and salad from Donatos, fueling us up for an action-packed afternoon!

Then came a lively dodgeball tournament. The teams were an exciting mix of campers, officers, and the FBI, bringing together community and camaraderie in the spirit of friendly competition. We laughed, jumped for joy, and had SO much fun!

The excitement continued as the kids got to explore a real police wagon and try out some police gear--handcuffs, crime scene tape, and protective gloves. It was a fun opportunity to see firsthand the tools of the trade our local officers use every day.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to our wonderful sponsors, Byers Airport Subaru, CME Federal Credit Union, and Donatos Pizza. And a hearty thank you to our partners: Columbus Police, the FBI, Gahanna Police, and Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. Your ongoing commitment to our community truly makes a difference.

To the lovely campers, keep dreaming, keep learning, and remember, you are the future of our community. Here's to more fun, education, and connection!


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