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Thanksgiving Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving, Starfish Family! However you are spending this holiday, we thought we could bring you some cheer by letting you know that because of you, our law enforcement agencies, our sponsors, and our community partners, we were able to make Thanksgiving a lot happier for more than 300 people this year.

In addition to giving away more than 200 frozen turkeys and sides to every resident of Rosewind apartments in Linden last week, seven of our law enforcement agencies also received $50 Kroger gift cards from our sponsors and supporters, as well as blessing bags of food from Sahara-Columbus, to give out to people they encounter during the course of their duties.

We didn't ask for pictures of these giveaways, because we want to respect their privacy, but as you can see, some people were really happy to do so. They wanted to thank everyone who made this possible. There was the Army veteran that Starfish Board Member and CPD Commander Tim Myers met (who is also in the Army reserves). Our volunteer talked about that conversation at length, so impressed was he with the gentleman. A woman Motorcycle Unit Officer James Poole gave a bag to insisted on taking a picture so she could say thanks.

In Marion, Lieutenant Ed Brown said some people cried when he told them about the food and $50 gift card. You can see how one woman responded when Franklin Township Sergeant Dave Pollock gave her the gift card and bag--with a big hug.

In Linden, Officer Sean Lutz delivered his items in between handling calls for service, although his fellow officers on 5B tried to take as many runs for him as they could to let him get them delivered on time. (We love those South Linden officers.) One of the gift cards and bags went to a retired man with three adorable children playing football out front. Another to a great man of the community who is recovering from health issues. We were happy to see he's doing well and got lots of love from him in return.

On the Hilltop, Officer Ed Chung and Starfish Advisory Board Member and Deputy Chief Tim Becker gave a gift card and blessing bag to a woman who was preparing to make forty, yes FORTY, pillows for her grandkids as Christmas gifts. She was going to embroider their names on them and intended to make one for Officer Chung as well. That's how much she loves him.

Officer Chung and Chief Becker also visited a woman and her children who recently moved out of Wedgewood Apartments to the South Side. They were so happy to be in a safer neighborhood and proudly told the officers about all the improvements this area had over their old one. It was a joy to hear about their optimism and their plans for the future.

We wish all of you that kind of joy and optimism. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you again for your support!


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