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Third Assignment Update: Help a Family In Need

THIRD ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to provide reliable transportation for Scott* so he could get to his job and provide for his family. Mom stays home to care for their two special needs kids. You can read the follow-up post here, and here is the post where he got a new car! You can read all about how Walmart - Morse Road Assistant Manager Nic Champ worked to find him a great car and how his team helped to get it in great shape.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus) Community Liaison Officer Robin Medley.

You were so generous with your donations that not only were we able to buy Scott a car, but we were also able to help get him and his family into an apartment. Here's an update written by Officer Medley:


Last month, I was blessed to provide a family with funds that were provided by the kindness of others. The funds were given to a needy family with two children with special needs. The donations that were provided assisted in permanent housing after the family was forced to move due to unsafe conditions in a rental property. The property management company knowingly allowed this family to live in unsafe conditions and has been federally investigated for this and other situations nationwide. After being removed from their former residence the management company declared bankruptcy not allowing the family to receive any compensation for their loss.

Thanks to your kindness, this family of four was able to spend Christmas and the New Year in a safe place. The new apartment is also closer to the kids' school where they receive appropriate education for their special needs. Thank you to everyone who donated to this family. Your kindness shows that even during a difficult time people still matter!

*Name has been changed


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