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Second Assignment Update: Help a Family In Need

SECOND ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help a family in need. Dad is a tow truck driver who Ofc Robin Medley met when he was at a very low point in his life. Ofc Medley worked with him to help get him back into a good place. His biggest issue is he doesn't have reliable transportation to get him to work, which means income is limited. Mom stays home to care for their two special needs kids. Here is a follow-up post we did last week.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus) Community Liaison Officer Robin Medley.

We're thrilled to announce that today Scott* got his "new" car! This beautiful 2003 Chevrolet Blazer will allow him to get to his job and work additional shifts in order to provide for his family. It also has plenty of room for the needs of his children. We want to thank Creekside Auto Sales for giving us a fabulous price on this vehicle--$2,500 everything included. That was signing on the dotted line, walking out the door!

As an aside, the color of Scott's new Blazer is "Victory Red." How cool is that? Because this certainly feels like a victory to us. We love it!

After purchasing the car, Ofc Medley, Scott, and Nic Champ, headed to Walmart Columbus - Morse Rd. Nic is the Assistant Manager of the Auto Care Center there and has been a huge Starfish supporter for quite some time. He's also been personally involved in this Assignment from the beginning, looking at at least 15 vehicles before he found this Blazer for Scott.

Nic and his team at Walmart wanted to go over the vehicle and do whatever they could for it for Scott, so they came in early (and Nic came in on his day off) to detail it inside and out. It already had brand new tires on it, so they didn't need to do that, but they gave it a new battery, wiper blades, oil change, air filter, and did a headlight restoration. They also changed the differential fluids, did a fuel injection service, and filled up all the other fluids. What would normally take two hours to do took Nic and his team 40 minutes--and they were joyous ones, too. Look how happy they are!

But they weren't done! Walmart filled Scott's trunk with groceries for his family. Everyday essentials that would be easy to prepare in the hotel they're staying in--chicken, spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly, lunchmeat, and snacks for the kiddos, among other things.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised a total of $4,220. We spent $2,500 to purchase the vehicle. We paid for another week in a hotel room for Scott and his family, which was $375. We're hoping that they'll be in an apartment after that week, and we'll use the remaining money towards that.

This has been a long and challenging one, and we're so thankful to Ofc Medley and Nic for the many hours they put in to make sure that Scott and his family got exactly what they needed to improve their situation. Thanks so much for your support. You've really changed the world of this little family. 💙

*Name has been changed


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