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Assignment Update: Help a Family In Need

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We've been asked to help a family in need. Dad is a tow truck driver who Ofc Medley met when he was very despondent. Ofc Medley worked with him to help get him back in a good place. His biggest issue is he doesn't have reliable transportation to get him to work, which means income is limited. Mom stays home to care for their two special needs kids. Here is the original post.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police​ 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus) Community Liaison Officer Robin Medley.

When last we spoke to you about Scott* and his family, we told you that the family was living in a place that was in severe disrepair. In fact, shortly after we wrote about them, their home was "condemned" and they were forced to move out. They are living in a hotel, and Starfish donated money and supplies through our emergency fund. In addition, the Connect 2 Protect Block Watch also donated a $200 Kroger gift card to the family to help them out.

We talked to Scott early on and the number one thing he needs in order to help his family is reliable transportation. Ofc Medley and our friend Nic Champ from Walmart have put a lot of work into helping him achieve that goal. Nic is the Assistant Manager of the Auto Care Center at the Morse Road Walmart, and he and his friend went and looked at the vehicle Scott was trying to fix. Unfortunately, they determined it wasn't salvageable.

Since then, Nic has been searching for a good vehicle for Scott and his family. He wanted to get them a larger vehicle to accommodate the needs of his children (they have disabilities, so a bigger one would be easier for them). However, used vehicles are hard to come by right now. Couple that with the fact that Nic wanted to make sure he got them something in good condition that was reliable, and you can understand why it's taken a while. He said he looked at at LEAST 15 vehicles (not counting auctions).

Nic is a huge Chevy Blazer fan--he's owned six himself--so he was very excited when one of his friends turned him onto this 2003 Chevy Blazer. He says it's in beautiful condition with 135,000 miles (his last Blazer he sold at 260,000!!). It's four-door, lots of room for the kids, no rust. Just perfect. Plus, we think we'll be able to swing the price tag: $2,500 (plus tags and fees, of course).

We raised $1,875 last time, and we haven't spent any of it--we've been holding onto it until we could find them the perfect car. Yay! Can you help us raise the rest, please? Any extras will go towards insurance and other things the family needs.

Thank you for your help. 💙

*Name has been changed.


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