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The Only Solution

I thought today I'd share a happy story about how we previewed Jim's (probable) car. Unfortunately, since that fun visit to the dealership, we've had a bit of drama. Jim's car died multiple times today, including once while he was driving down a busy road (Bethel).

Hoa tried multiple things to get it started, and for now it IS running (for the most part), but clearly it is not reliable.

Given the heat, the only solution I felt comfortable with was to put him up in a hotel until Tuesday morning (when his "new" car should be ready). I am paying for the hotel myself, because you guys are contributing to a "new car/better life fund," not a "hotel for three days" fund. However, I've already talked to several donors, and they think I should use the existing fund to pay for the hotel.

The best compromise I could come up with is this: if you donated money and are OK with it being used for a hotel, please comment below. You don't need to say how much you donated; I can look it up. Or, if you'd like to donate specifically towards a hotel, please message me with that information after you made your donation.

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