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Bug Your Bike

Did you know the City of Columbus offers a FREE microchip service that could help you get your bike back to you if it's stolen? We didn't either until Columbus Division of Police Lt Scott Bartholow sent Cathy Collins and Ralph Jones from the Bug Your Bike program our way. Since so many of our Assignments include bikes, Lt Bartholow thought it would be great if we could get those bikes microchipped. Cathy and Ralph recently explained the program to us, and it's a great one. You just go to this website for all the information. You can register online, by phone, or in person AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE CITY OF COLUMBUS to participate in this program! They're willing to register bikes for any of the outlying suburbs! Once you register, Ralph will mail you a microchip and you'll affix it to your bike. If it's stolen and found abandoned somewhere--we've all seen bikes just left on the side of the road--the police will be able to scan the chip and reunite you with your bike. It's just that simple, and again: IT'S FREE. Please feel free to share this on social media. We said we'd help get the word out about this program, and Cathy and Ralph are ready for registrants.

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