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Assignment: Help a Burglary Victim

ASSIGNMENT: Help a child whose home was burglarized get a new, working bike.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Officer Trent Allen, 7 Precinct, East Columbus

In the midst of Bikes & Badges 2021, we got a sweet Assignment that helps remind us of how important bikes are to children. We'll let Officer Allen tell the story in his own words because we cannot improve upon it:

"Tonight I met for the second time a 12 year old named Alex. Alex’s house was burglarized and he told me that he ran to check that his bike was still outside because it was his prized possession. He seemed very excited to see it was still there. I asked him where he liked to ride his bike and he told me that unfortunately he can’t ride it anywhere because it’s been broken and his family can’t afford the parts to fix it. We would love to be able to help him get a new bike and were wondering if you’d be able to help him."

We talked to Officer Allen about what the best solution would be for Alex--did he think Alex wanted his own bike fixed or would another one be acceptable? Did he want to meet us at a store to buy a new one or would one from our bikes warehouse work? Officer Allen chose to go to the warehouse (on his day off!), where his academy classmate, Officer Julien Roffey, helped him and his partner, Officer Jason Sekinger, pick out this great bike for Alex. We'll also make sure Alex gets a helmet and a lock.

We're thrilled Officer Allen contacted us. Thanks to everyone who's made Bikes & Badges 2021 possible--you're going to make many more kids just like Alex so very happy! A special thanks to CME Federal Credit Union, the Wartel Family Foundation, and our lovely Starfish supporters, who all gave us much-needed donations for the repairs needed on the bikes!


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