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Assignment: Help A Displaced Family

ASSIGNMENT: Help a family who has been displaced from their home due to unsanitary and unsafe living conditions.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Tyler Wells and Officers Amanda Hoover and Tyler Hicks, Zone 2 Safe Streets (South Columbus)

Until this afternoon, Carla and her children lived in Colonial Village. Tonight, they're in a hotel because CPD Safe Streets officers reached out to us for help after horrific conditions in their apartment forced the family from their home. We've posted photos of Carla and her children because they spoke with 10TV about this situation.

We've also included a couple of photos of the apartment. We chose not to include one, the bathtub that was filled with raw sewage, because it was so horrific. We cannot imagine the smell. As you can see, water flooded the house. It was a truly horrible place for this family.

This housing complex was in the news recently, with Judge Stephanie Mingo giving the owners 30 days to meet a list of requirements. The Columbus Dispatch quoted Judge Mingo as saying it is "one of the most concerning public nuisance cases this court has seen."

We ask for your donations to cover the cost of getting Carla and her children an emergency hotel room for a week. Any money collected above that amount will go towards getting them settled into a new home.

Thank you.


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