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Assignment: Help For a Family Of a Murder Victim

ASSIGNMENT: Help a family after the murder of their father/husband.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Deputy Chief Tim Becker, Criminal Investigations Subdivision*

In what is one of the saddest Assignments we have ever had referred to us, a father of five children, all under the age of 18, was murdered in his home while his wife and children were also at home. His oldest child's birthday is this week.

CPD's Victim/Witness Services Officer, Brian Newsome, has referred the family for a variety of services, including trauma counseling. We are asking for your donations to help support them as they deal with the many financial burdens this crime brings them.

*We are not listing the Homicide detective who sent us this Assignment in order to protect the family. The photo we used is one taken at a scene in 2019.


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