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Books & Badges: Salvation Army

Today marked the third edition of our Books & Badges program at the summer program hosted by the Columbus Salvation Army. Like our previous encounters, this year’s event was full of joy, excitement, and fun.

Deputy Chief Tim Myers from the Columbus Division of Police read to the group for a second time (he wasn't able to attend last year due to his overseas deployment with the Army). He was accompanied by Lieutenant Chris Lieb, and the dynamic duo made the day all the more special!

Chief Myers read "Who Would Win: Ultimate Ocean Rumble." The book, full of surprises, kept everyone in suspense--kids and adults alike. While we did have some playful debates over some of the "questionable" victories, that only added to the thrill. And the cherry on top? Each kiddo went home with a copy of the book autographed by the fantastic officers.

After the reading, Chief Myers and Lieutenant Lieb dove into a discussion about their roles and duties, comparing uniforms and showcasing items from their duty belts. The kids, full of curiosity, asked some great questions. The officers, in turn, shared an important message about the dangers of guns, emphasizing never to touch them, even if they think they might be toys.

A special shout-out to Lieutenant Lieb who stepped up for an unplanned demonstration of handcuffing techniques! We bet he didn’t think his day would involve handcuffing a deputy chief, but he took it in stride and the kids loved it.

The day concluded with the children exploring a brand-new police cruiser--they had a great time tinkering with the computer and pretending to drive. Maybe we inspired some future officers!


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