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Final Assignment Update: Help For a Mother of Two

FINAL ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help a single mother and her two daughters. When the officers first met Tina*, she was admitted to the hospital for post-partum depression, but they followed up with her when she was discharged and wanted to do what they could to get her on firmer footing. Thanks to the amazing mechanics at Good Will Transport, we were able to get her car fixed for FREE!!! Also, the wonderful cleaners at Orlandi's Cleaning came and gave her home a fresh start that did wonders for Tina and her girls.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Garrett Kennedy and Kevin Halbur, 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus)

Tina has been spending a lot of time and energy on her happy home. She's really been enjoying getting things organized. She's going through clothes that her older daughter has outgrown and passing them on to people who can use them. We're so glad that she's doing well.

After collaborating with Officers Halbur and Kennedy and Sgt Andre Tate on how best to use the remaining money, we used some of it for items for their home. The officers delivered additional furniture and a gift card to Amazon so she can buy organizational items and blinds for her windows. Tina said everyone is, "Amazing!" and she's very happy about everything that's been done for her.

We used nearly $800 of the donations to bring Tina's natural gas bill up to date. This was a huge relief to her and gives her wiggle room in her budget (she had been paying this debt off a little each month). Thank you for making that possible. There are so many ways that this Assignment helped give her a hand up, and this was a big one. (Same thing with helping to de-clutter and beautify her apartment.)

Since Officers Kennedy and Halbur were so impressed with Tina's daughter, Regina*, they wanted to make sure to do something fun for her as well. We gave the family a membership to the Columbus Museum of Art and a Starfish donor specifically gave them a membership to the Franklin Park Conservatory. How sweet is that? The family now has wonderful entertainment options that are close to them, no matter what the weather. Both memberships include Tina's mom, so the girls can spend time with their grandmother, and Tina can enjoy some time alone if she wants.

Finally, since Regina enjoys reading so much, Deputy Chief Tim Becker stopped by to do a mini-Books & Badges session and give her a copy of the fantastic book Where the Sidewalk Ends. She loved it and read back to him every poem that he read to her, even the tough tongue twister, "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out." She did a fantastic job.

Thank you all for helping these officers to help this family. We really appreciate everything you did for them.

*Names have been changed.


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