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Second Assignment Update: Help For a Mother of Two

SECOND ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help a single mother and her two daughters. When the officers first met Tina*, she was admitted to the hospital for post-partum depression, but they followed up with her when she was discharged and wanted to do what they could to get her on firmer footing. We were asked to help with car repairs and other miscellaneous things at her home.

In our first update, Orlandi's Cleaning did a complimentary top to bottom cleaning of Tina's home, and we wrote about dropping off books for 10-year-old, Regina*.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Garrett Kennedy and Kevin Halbur, 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus)

We got Tina's car fixed!! And, the lovely mechanics at Good Will Transport took care of everything--towing, parts, labor--for free! We're so grateful to them. Youth Services Sergeant Andre Tate dropped it off to Tina last week, and she said the first thing she was going to do was going to visit her mother.

We were also able to get Tina furniture from the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, including dressers and a much-needed dryer. The officers reported that Tina has been able to continue getting her home organized, building on the path to success that the cleaners from Orlandi's set her on, going through things that no longer fit her oldest daughter, and putting clothes into the new dressers.

We bought Tina's baby daughter a crib, mattress, and sheets. You can see Sgt Tate and Ofc Halbur did a great job putting the crib together. Donors also gave us clothing for both girls (and some additional fun things for Regina).

Tina works in customer service from home, so it's important that she have a reliable phone. We are going to pay her phone plan for a year to make sure she doesn't have to worry about that.

Officer Kennedy wrote, "She was extremely happy with what we have been able to do and she said that she considers all of you part of her family now and her mom said the same thing. We are beyond humbled and grateful for what you have been able to do for us to create such a positive impact on this family that was in crisis and is now recovering and able to focus on each other."

We'll do a final update to let you know how we spent the rest of your donated funds. Thank you for putting this little family on the path to success when everything seemed so dark for them!

*Names have been changed.

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