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In/Tac Special Delivery

Recently, one of the black vans of In/Tac, which usually strikes fear in the hearts of drug dealers all across the city, was used to bring joy to a family in South Linden. Sgt Mark Miesse of the Investigative and Tactical Unit of Columbus Division of Police asked us if we knew anyone in need of a couch. We put him in touch with South Side Officers Heidi Graber and Amanda Hoover, who know many people in need in their area.

Former South Side resident, Kim, who was thrilled to receive kitchen appliances several months ago when K-9 Officer David Jones's neighbor was getting new ones, was equally happy to receive this great couch from Sgt Miesse.

This was not the first time Kim has had officers come to her new home--previously Sgt Heath Graber came by in a cruiser to welcome her to the neighborhood and drop off a gift card from CPD Officers Ehryn and Josh Kinzel.

As you can see from the photo, Kim and her family are happy and doing well.

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