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Learning About Policing

What an incredible afternoon yesterday at Sullivant Gardens Community Center for our latest Starfish Connect event! We witnessed the power of connection and understanding firsthand and hope you love these pictures as much as we do.

Columbus Division of Police Officers Righter and McGinn spent quality time with the children, answering their questions about police equipment and duties. We loved seeing the kids' smiles as they explored the police wagon and tried out handcuffing techniques on each other.

This is precisely what Starfish Connect aims to achieve--nurturing trust, respect, and curiosity between youth, law enforcement, and community figures. Through interactive experiences like these, we're building bridges and expanding perspectives on future possibilities.

Your support is invaluable in enriching lives and neighborhoods through our year-long initiative focused on educational opportunities and strengthening community bonds.

An enormous thank you to the Sullivant Gardens staff, Officers Righter and McGinn, and all the wonderful children who made this event a resounding success. Here's to many more special moments!


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