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Second Assignment Update: Bikes For Kids in Wedgewood Apartments

SECOND ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help obtain bikes for children in Wedgewood Apartments in the Hilltop area of Columbus. The original post was made on August 16, and we did an update on August 26.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Officer Sean Taylor (10 Precinct)

When Ofc Taylor contacted us about the kids at Wedgewood, letting us know they were riding unsafe bicycles and that they were sharing just a few among themselves, we knew we had to help. He thought we'd be able to obtain 15-20 bikes, but we knew our supporters and weren't a bit surprised that you came through with 75 usable bikes for the kids of Wedgewood. We were very, very grateful, but not a bit surprised!

Today we gathered at Wedgewood to pass out the bikes, soccer equipment, scooters, roller skates, helmets from the Department of Neighborhoods, other assorted items that you donated for these children. We'd like to thank FOP Capital City Lodge #9 for partnering with us as a drop-off and staging area for bicycles and for sponsoring snacks for the kids.

This is one of those Assignments where the words are far less important than the pictures, so please...enjoy what you helped to make happen.


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