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Summer Block Parties: East Side

Last night's block party with Columbus Division of Police at Adams Community Center was so much fun! We had a huge treat: CPD's helicopter was able to land, and anyone interested was able to get a chance to sit inside the cockpit. We were wondering if Ohio State University Men's Basketball player Zed Key, who is 6'8", would be able to squeeze himself in. The CPD pilots said he would easily be able to fit, that they've had bigger people than him in there. We really couldn't imagine it, but as you can see from the picture, when his turn came, Zed followed their instructions and he slid right in. He said he even had more room there than in a commercial airliner.

Our friends from CPD's SWAT, Mounted, and K-9 units all came to say hello, and so did Columbus Division of Fire. The RREACT team was there, teaching people how to do CPR and giving out gun locks.

Of course, we had our famous dunk tank, and in addition to a CPD officer, we had some 614cadets get in on the fun. There was a fishing competition at the pond, robotics activities, a magician, drug awareness education, prizes, and lots of sporting events.

Our sponsor, Walmart, was there handing out fun toys for the kids, like chalk, frisbees, and bubbles, and they also gave out very popular popsicles. Thanks so much to them, to Byers Auto Group, and to all the officers, Recs & Parks staffers, and volunteers who made this event possible.

We hope to see you tomorrow at our final block party! It's at Glenwood Community Center, 1888 Fairmont Ave from 4-7pm.


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