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Support For Domestic Violence Victims

We'd like to send a huge thank you to our partner charity, I Support the Girls Columbus, who donated kits for CPD's Domestic Violence Detectives to hand out to victims who need to leave their homes abruptly. I Support the Girls President Kathy Jackson thoughtfully curated bags that contained items like basic toiletries, hair care products (including dry shampoo), feminine hygiene products, little pampering products like lipstick and masques, and a pre-paid smartphone (!!).

When Starfish President/Founder Nicole Banks and CPD Lieutenant Chris Lieb (pictured) dropped the bags off, the detectives were so excited they immediately put them into their duty vehicles so that they can be given out when needed. One detective even hugged Nicole from the sheer joy of seeing everything. 🥰

Kathy will be able to supply bras and underwear to the detectives if needed (we all decided it would be easier to ask as needed due to sizing), and Starfish will work with them to support other needs the victims may have. We're honored to be able to partner with these hardworking detectives and grateful for our friends at I Support the Girls.


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